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Regency Gas Treating L.P., dba Cardinal Gas Services, provides natural gas processing, treating, and production services downstream of the wellhead to producers and pipeline companies.

Cardinal Gas Services’ primary focus is providing quality equipment and expert services to condition gas streams in order to meet pipeline gas quality specifications. Specifically, these are:

  • Gas processing solutions for liquid hydrocarbon removal and recovery

    - Joule-Thompson Systems (J-T Plants)

    - Straight refrigeration (using propane or other suitable refrigerants)

    - Combining the two processes (refrigerated J-T plant)

    - Cryogenic processes (utilizing a turbo expander for very low temperature recoveries).

  • Gas treating solutions for the removal of acid gas contaminants such as CO2 and H2S

    - Amine plants

    - Membrane plants

    - Sulfatreat plants

We can assist you in all areas from the wellhead to the market, and we are available to consult with producers and pipelines to determine the most economic means of processing and treating gas for a specific application.

Our clients are able to capitalize on our staff’s expertise, computer simulations, and many years of hands on experience in managing projects from the gas wellhead to the ultimate consumer. We are committed to serving our clients with quality products and services and have a long track record of proven results.

To request service, click here for a Processing Worksheet, and fax it to Mike Davis at
(214) 468-0701.